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Inuyasha Et Al (And Others)

A Haven for Rare Inuyasha FanFiction

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et al.

1. and others ('et al.' is used as an abbreviation of 'et alii' (masculine plural) or 'et aliae' (feminine plural) or 'et alia' (neuter plural) when referring to a number of people);
2. and elsewhere (used when referring to other occurrences in a text)

We are the Others.

inuyasha_et_al has been created to hold bi-weekly fanfiction challenges in the Inuyasha fandom for rare pairings. Rare meaning not-canon, or less popular. Please see the *NEW* LIST for details.

Submitted fanfiction for a theme will be judged by a popular vote and awarded a “prize”. “Prize” meaning a nifty banner.

Each challenge will feature a “theme” – the theme consisting of a word or a phrase that will, hopefully, get your creative juices flowing. From the time the first challenge is posted, members will have two weeks to submit a work by the deadline (which will be clearly posted). Word counts are open for all contests.

RULEZ: Because we have to – people don’t play nice.

1. First, and most importantly: NO ship wars are ever, EVER tolerated. We don’t care if Jaken/Mrs. Higurashi makes you literally barf – respect the work as it’s written and keep your opinions on pairings to yourself. Shipping wars or inflammatory comments about pairings will get you poked with a sharp, pointy, throbby stick. AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.

2. If your submission contains adult content, please utilize the “adult content” warning in your format. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Please, always utilize the “lj-cut” tags in your submissions. This keeps everyone’s friends lists clean and neat.

4. Please make sure your submission contains a heading with the following information:
Rating: all ratings accepted
Genre: all genres accepted
Pairings or Characters: Please try to give all pairings/characters a chance for reading. And remember—we’re looking for RARE pairings. Use THE LIST.
Warnings: If there are any.
Summary: Tell us a little about it.

5. Voting: Voting submissions will be screened. Please do not vote for yourself, but give the work of others a good read and a chance. ONLY MEMBERS AND WATCHERS CAN VOTE.

6. Themes start Mondays of every other week (unless otherwise noted). All entries are due Fridays at midnight and voting polls go up Saturdays (unless otherwise noted). Voting will end Monday afternoons and winners announced at that time. Banners will be posted the same week the winners are announced (usually).

7. Please hold off posting your entries on other communities or locations until after voting is finished. We like to keep things fair, clean, and honest.

And once more, with feeling: THE *NEW* LIST - Learn it, Live it, Love it.

This community was originally moderated by: ashtari.

This community is currently moderated by: silenttaiyoukai. Feel free to private message me or leave a comment on one of my modposts if you have any questions.